Wayward Torch Bearers

John O'Groats

The Wayward Torch Bearers

As soon as we heard about Des & Liz Mahagow via Twitter, we wanted to share the story of this inspiring couple with everybody. Their determination to bring the flame to everyone in Scotland has even been immortalised on film. Viewing it, you, like many onlookers, will be awestruck by their achievements.
Which way now?
Skye Pie
With no aptitude for map-reading, Des & Liz's pie-strewn journey from Skye to John O'Groats criss-crossed the country taking in communities that had been ignored by the official flame organisers.

Adoring fans

Twitter Sensation
The nation was gripped by Liz's abundant tweets about Des' dodgy calf and his dietary regime. Like all their followers, we hope to see them at the opening ceremony in London on 27th July 2012.
French welcome
Lost again...
Last seen in Calais (above),
it is unlikely, however, that the wayward couple will make it in time!

Adoring fans