‘Sportables’ is part of Festival 2018, the cultural programme to complement the Glasgow 2018 European Championships.

'Sportables' is a comical collection of outdoor performances that showcase three unique sports and celebrate the maverick athletes at their heart. With matches springing up citywide, the streets and parks will become the arena for these unconventional games: Sponge Wrestling, Inner City Twitching and The Great Space Hopping Selfie Challenge.

Created by Scotland’s premier outdoor theatre company, Mischief La-Bas, in a format that combines improvisation and choreographed routines. The public will be invited to participate, cheer and watch in wonder as the ‘hot-shots’ from each sport show them exactly how it’s done.

FREE Outdoor Performances across 1st - 12th August 2018. Exact locations and times announced soon. Image by Eoin Carey.

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