Inspired by the positive vibes emanating out of Mental Health Awareness Week, aspiring lifestyle gurus Des & Liz Mahagow, assisted by Dick (their biographer/neighbour), have painstakingly cut and pasted the best bits from their favourite roadshows to create the ‘Good Mental Health Roadshow’, a mixture of all the things that keep them feeling happy - smashing tunes, Zumba, DayGlo lycra, balloons, karaoke and Des’ homespun funny joke routine.

As if that isn’t enough, they also want to talk about what makes YOU feel happy.

As part of our on-going relationship with Mental Health Foundation and Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival, our Director, Angie Dight, was motivated to develop ‘Des and Liz’ further for See Me’s Pass The Badge campaign in the belief that characters who can’t help but be open, positive and infectiously funny will challenge the stigma and allow people to feel comfortable when talking about mental health. Conversations like these also enable the performers to point people in the right direction for help and support.

The ‘Good Mental Health Roadshow’ hits the road on Wednesday 10th May and will pop up in over a dozen unsuspecting towns between then and Sunday 14th May.