Ian Smith suffered from chronic depression for the last few years of his life and died on 1st August 2014. To mark the 1st anniversary of his death, ‘Festival of Ian Smith’ celebrated the work of this artist and performer.

Curated by Angie Dight, his wife and fellow Director at Mischief La-Bas, the company they both founded in 1992, this 3 day event was a celebration of the self-penned ‘Jack of all Trades’. Ian was actually a master at exploiting many different art forms, be they visual art, comedy, performance, compering, music, cartoons, street theatre, television, and juxtaposing as many of them as possible to make something new and accessible. He was a master of the quick idea and supported and encouraged artists and performers of all kinds.

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2015's 'Festival of Ian Smith' showed Ian's work in all its aspects: from his early days in Brighton as a member of The Wild Wigglers and 'pop' band Birds with Ears, through to his 'pulptures' ("like paintings or sculptures but not as good"), his stint as ringmaster with circus Archaos, his TV persona Monty Cantsin, his 22 years as Director of Glasgow's Mischief La-Bas, and as a Live Artist and ‘Hokey Cokey Man’.

Part of 'The Festival of Ian Smith', Death was a cabaret style event hosted by David Hoyle and featuring work by Roger Ely (above), Mamoru Iriguchi, Pauline Goldsmith, Alan Richardson & Graham Hicks, Harry Wilson, Donna Rutherford, Neil Butler, Chris Biddlecombe, Diane Torr and the Creative Martyrs. The night had a cabaret format, weaving music and performances around the theme of death with Live Art, performance lectures, installation and dark comedy.