In their quest to discover the lost, underwater city, the Atlantis Research Bureau have recently rescued a can of Tango from the wreck of the Royal Barge 'Ruritania' and discovered a single, child's glove soaked in oily brine. These and many more interesting finds are displayed in their marquee whilst intrepid divers Jools and Vern are on hand to explain their fascinating history and, with the assistance of the overly cautious, old sea dog, Captain Minnow, heroically take to the water to recover more relics from the depths.

Atlantis Research Bureau is suitable for nautical or environmental themed events taking place by the sea and at quaysides or canals and swimming pools. It features not only a static installation in the style of an amateur society's, gala day-type marquee with exhibits in display cases, but also walkabout performances by the diving team. Relics on display can be tailored to theme and location. With a fully waterproof suit, the performers can even walk into paddling pools, boating ponds, slipways or the seashore up to waist height to recover artefacts that, by slight of hand, can be "discovered" under the water.

Atlantis Research Bureau has been developed and produced thanks to funding from Scottish Canals.