At a time of economic meltdown and a general sense of universal misery, Mischief La-Bas bucked the trend and pointed the way towards a bright and glorious future with The Market of Optimism! After an initial version for Liverpool’s Hope Street Ltd during the city’s stint as European Capital of Culture in 2008, the project was revised for Edinburgh’s Feet First celebrations in 2009 and then adapted for touring.

With the support of The SAC (now Creative Scotland) Mischief La-Bas were able to offer six ‘Golden Tickets’ to Scottish market towns who might otherwise never have such an opportunity to present a large scale free public event.

Thus residents and visitors to Aviemore, Perth, Dumfries, Kirkcaldy, St. Andrews and Cumnock were all able to enjoy the delights of spending hundreds of ‘Neuros’ (distributed freely by human cashpoints) amongst the sixteen market stalls that included Heavenly Estate Agents, Magic Lamp Sellers, Guardian Angels, and of course, The Ratcharmer of Ballyshamaloola.

This was Mischief La-Bas’ flagship project in trying to break new ground throughout Scotland and develop new audiences and hosts for uplifting nonsense that’s good for the soul.

‘Hugely timely and entertaining…’ The Scotsman