Glasgow's outdoor bandstand at Kelvingrove Park has had a variety of uses over it's long lifetime, hosting Brass Band concerts, Punk Picnics and everything in between, so when Mischief La-Bas was invited by Glasgow City Council to help celebrate its refurbishment, it devised a 'Guided Tour' led by colourful characters from its slightly re-imagined past, including a wistful wardrobe mistress from the 40's, a radical trade unionist from the 70's and a glamorous, 80's, music impresario.

Pete Pilchard, The Punk Picnicaaah: “PUNK PICNIC, PUNK PICNIC! KERRPLUNNNNK! KERRPLUNNNK! I wanna beeeeeeeee an anarchissssssssssstttt! Yeah! You must be the establishment VIP scumbags yeah? Or the VERY IMPORTANT PUNKS HA HA HA!”

Red Rab: “Join me today in standing up or standing down, walk tall, pull your socks up, don't take this lying down, come to the table, sit around the table, hold hands around the table! It's now or never!”

Amanda Star-bright of Star-bright Productions: “I don't like to blow my own trumpet (I leave that to the Major) but, in the 1980s and 90s, it was I who booked all the top bands that played here.”

Photos by L J Findlay-Walsh and Andrew Blackwood.