Although Mischief are renowned for their improvisation, they can when necessary develop pieces of work that are highly choreographed although still essentially absurd. Bullballet (created for Glasgow’s Mayday celebrations) was one of the first - a celebration of various international stereotypical dance routines presented by ‘blokes dancing round a stick’. Of course, the show had to include bullfighting, giant Dr. Seuss style puppets, and a re-enactment of the Maypole dance from the film ‘The Wickerman’. Much of it can be seen in the video below.

Although this project is complete and long gone, it  paved the way for other choreographed routines, including ‘Toonhoose’ in the windows of a city centre building, ‘The Twelve Days of Xmas’, ‘Montague Place’ and routines for corporate and civic clients such as The Special Olympics.