Angie Dight set up Mischief La–Bas with Ian Smith in 1992, starting with a 2 year residency at the Arches nightclub in Glasgow. They had previously worked with Circus Archaos and had been inspired by European street theatre and its surrealist tendencies.

Flamenco Fritas 2002

Highly skilled at public interaction, quick-witted and able to embody any character wholeheartedly, she has worked as a performer within the company, both on small scale walkabout theatre gigs and on larger scale outdoor shows, eg. in Painful Creatures in 2004 (left).

Angie has also worked as a solo artist in the realms of live art and dance, often combining the two.

She has been studying Flamenco dance since 1998 and in that time has studied with many of Spain’s top professionals. She has been involved in various workshops and creative dance residencies, working not only in Flamenco but also in contemporary dance and physical performance, with the aim of broadening her knowledge and dance technique.

Flamenco Snowglobe, performed in Madrid, 2008

The Blob, 2011

Many of Angie’s dance projects have been solo works but her latest projects with Mischief La-Bas, Three Feet Left, Wildman, Scone of Destiny and The Magnificent Organ, have been created using methods from street theatre and choreography.