Mischief La-Bas’ company ethos is one of surprise, humour, and imaginative engagement.  The mission to ‘gently warp the underlay of the fabric of society’ has been developed over twenty years by successfully delivering strange but accessible work in a multitude of environments – almost invariably to the public in public places.

We take ourselves to our audience, we do not expect them to come and find us.
We present imaginative scenarios, characters and situations in real life environments.
This subverts real life and introduces alternative possibilities. We are the public too.

We have a positive attitude of irreverence, avoiding pretension and using humour and the ‘knowing wink’ to appeal to the widest audience.

The public are our collaborators and we acknowledge their potential for creative engagement.
Audience response is a fundamental part of the equation, they help create the scenario.
Without an engaged audience the work does not exist.
A sense of generosity is paramount, we always aim to give rather than take.

Accessibility does not mean ‘dumbing down’, the most profound issues can sometimes have a punch line.

Refusing to accept boundaries between high and low art, high and low society, high and low concepts, sophisticated and simple techniques, allows us to play with them all.
If we don’t know how to do something well, we find somebody who does.
Artistic collaborators from a variety of disciplines constantly expand the company’s potential.

We constantly adapt to be able to achieve our core concerns.

The variety of projects within our future programme allows for continued artistic development and experimentation, particularly introducing new approaches towards the presentation of choreography (Three Feet Left and The Scone of Destiny) and the combination of physical theatre and design (The Magnificent Organ).  The boundaries of intimate interventions will be explored by The Wildman in particular.